Diving in Malta

Many people have asked me about diving in Malta and they always seem to compare it with Egypt. But Malta is not Egypt! ItĎs like meat & fish, they are not the same but there are both nice! Ok, Malta does not have coral and so many big fish but Malta offers fantastic features, which Egypt canít! And I think every diver should try & see both dive destinations one-day!

For example: Malta is one of the best places in the world regarding underwater visibility. This can reach up to 40 meter in winter! Our moderate, sunny climate provides calm waters at a nice temperature. Further due to itís mainly limestone bottom composition, we have beautiful steep walls, caves and swim through situations.

In addition to all this, WO II has left us with several wrecks such as the Blenheim Bomber plane, the destroyer Maori etc, just waiting to be explored by you! 

Another wartime hero is the HMS Stubborn submarine but due to its depth can only be visited by the more experienced divers!

Blenheim bomber
Imperial Eagle Lately, several artificial reefs (wrecks) have been created which grow nicer every year such as the Tugboat Rozi and the Um El Faroud (a 115 meter long oil tanker)! They attract lots of fish life and are really great! Most of these sites reach max. 40 meter so they can still be visited by divers.

St. Maria Caves caves offer a thrill for every diver, no matter how experienced you are! The natural tunnel complex offers beauty and allows you to feed hundreds of fish simultaneously. Or enjoy Double Arch reef in Gozo where 2 natural arches are situated above each other, wow! 


The nicest thing about diving in Malta is that you can still enjoy a holiday at the same time. Should you have a family, no problem. You can enjoy diving and still spend time with your loved ones. That is something, which is very rare in Egypt.

The water conditions and variety in possible dives makes Malta the ideal place to either start or continue your diving certification. You will have the opportunity to specialize in e.g. deep diving or wreck diving. Add that bit of extra value to your holiday memories!

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Requirements for Diving in Malta

Every diver must have a valid medical declaration stating that you are eligible to dive. These can be obtained from your own doctor (or better a doctor who is specialized in dive medicine). Ask them to draft the paper in English (so you can use it worldwide!) unless your dive center speaks your native language.

You can also download the PADI medical certificate paper here.



Diving under Supervision

In case of non-qualified divers or PADI Open Water Divers (or equivalent), you always need to dive with an instructor. 

Advanced divers or higher (who wish to dive under supervision) need to be accompanied by at least a PADI Dive master (or equivalent BSAC / CMAS 3* etc). However an instructor still needs to be present on the dive site.

Diving under supervision gives you peace of mind that you are with somebody who knows the dive site well and you will see the most interesting parts for sure. 

Further your instructor will arrange the logistics such as tanks etc for you, so you will enjoy yourself more. In addition, diving is fun, so more people add to the enjoyment of diving and your holiday!  



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